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About Literature / Hobbyist KatFemale/United States Group :icontourturedsoul-truth: TourturedSoul-Truth
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[ ] You have a hardy nature
[ ] You're a born leader. 
[x] You're a charmer
[ ] You have a great singing voice 
[ ] You love reptiles 
Total: 1

[ ] You have a jolly nature 
[x] You are kind 
[ ] You love all animals
[x] You can keep a beat 
[ ] You are true gentleman/lady. 
Total: 2

[x] You can be hot-headed 
[/] You are short tempered [Sometimes!]
[/] You go into a rage when you're mad. 
[ ] You hate going swimming 
[ ] You're the bad boy/girl type 
Total: 2

[x] You love to swim. 
[ ] You have a lax nature
[x] You are a strong swimmer.
[x] You like soft jazz music
[ ] You can dance 
Total: 3

[/] You can take a hit or two.
[ ] You like shiny things. 
[ ] You love/loved gems/metals. 
[ ] You have a bold nature
[ ] You have super hard bones
Total: .5

[x] Your head is always in the clouds 
[ ] You have a hasty nature
[ ] You love flying.
[ ] You can be intimidating for your size
[ ] You always feel like you are flying
Total: 1

[x] You love to play mind games with people. 
[x] You don't like to fight. 
[/] You have a docile nature [I take charge when I need to.]
[x] You love to play games 
[x] You often run away from things 
Total: 4.5

[ ] You are strong 
[ ] You are vain
[x] You don't give up so easy 
[ ] You love to fight 
[ ] You have a bold nature
Total: 1

[ ] You love the shadows. 
[x] You don't get out much. 
[x] You have a bashful nature. 
[x] You like to scare people 
[x] You love scary movies/shows.
Total: 4

[ ] You are a lone wolf 
[ ] You have an impish nature. 
[/] You're not a social person. [I like to socialize...With certain people.]
[ ] You don't get along with people 
[ ] You listen to heavy music like metal or hard rock 
Total: .5

[ ] You know a lot of things 
[/] You have a naive nature
[ ] You stand out easily 
[/] You love all music
[x] You can do anything if you put your mind to it 
Total: 2

[ ] You have a relaxed nature
[ ] You love bugs 
[x] You love country music 
[ ] You can play a stringed instrument 
[/] You're peaceful 
Total:  1.5

[/] You have a serious nature
[ ] You can play a drum like instrument
[x] You're hard headed
[ ] You're big
[/] You have/had a solid relationship
Total: 2

[ ] You have a cold heart
[ ] You love cold weather
[x] You love cold food/drinks 
[ ] You've broken someone's heart
[x] Someone has broken your heart
Total:  2

[ ] You have a rash nature. 
[ ] You kill things a lot 
[ ] You don't listen to that much music 
[ ] You don't have good plans or strategies 
[/] You often hide in the shadows
Total: .5

I guess I'm a psychic type!
  • Listening to: Wanted - Hunter Hayes


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name's Kat, and I'm a writer.

I'm a lover, not a fighter, but fuck with me or my friends, I won't have a problem cussing you out. I go through times of anger, sorrow, and happiness, but maybe it's part of being a teenager, right? Wrong.

All and all, I'm here if you need me. For real. I will talk you through anything, and, if I feel that I can't help, I will tell you someone who can. But I do care. I will always care.

Take care now, and smile, just for me?

Favourite genre of music: Any type ;)
Favourite style of art: Anime/poetry
MP3 player of choice: Ipod.
Favourite cartoon character: Tommy Pickles from Rugrats
Personal Quote: "Stab a knife though my dreams and tear me a part. I don't care anymore."


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Censor-Man Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How have you been since I kind of vanished?
TearMeApartIDontCare Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I have also vanished, but I've been okay. You?
Censor-Man Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty good, but busy. Getting a house, a job, being an adult. Eugh. 
TearMeApartIDontCare Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh wow! that sounds great though. I'm not on that level of adult quite yet.
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MorganWolfram Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you so much for the fav :D
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MorganWolfram Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student Writer
malphasloveshisfries Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you very much for the fave. :3 :heart:
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